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BN-iCOM has been develop to give specially to Institutions, Organizations and Associations the best online presence they will need, with liberty and easy handling when they update their contents and rubrics.

With BN-iCOM, the customer can directly update the content of his website when connected to the Internet, without the support of a Webmaster. 
                           Features of BN-iCOM

A TOP-LEVEL-DOMAIN ( .com , .net, .org etc ..) is included
BN-iCOM includes more than 15 standard Rubrics like Agenda , News, Events , Advertisements,  Downloads, Projects,  Member profiles ,Pictures Galleries , Discussion Boards, Links, Guestbook , Contact, Audios ,Videos etc

You can create new rubrics with three Level architecture on your website and edit them every time

BN-iCOM can be integrated in many different kinds of website templates

BN-iCOM can be used in three Languages : English, French, German. The content of a rubric can be different in all languages.

BN-iCOM offers an „Extranet“ area only for registered Members, where they can communicate and exchange documents and informations.
Registered Members become a private Blog where they can present themselves and their services.

The customer can be the administrator and has controls over the  rubrics, the “extranet” area and all registered members of the website.

The website is managed with a login system with three keys. The customer can manage his website worldwide over the internet.

All documents, pictures, sounds and videos can be uploaded on the website without using  FTP.

The customer can create and manage  new E-mail Accounts. He can also read and Write E-mails directly on the internet by using an integrated Web Mail System.

The Customer can format the texts and pictures of his document with an integrated WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor. Just like WinWord !

BN-iCOM includes a powerful Newsletter System. The customer will be able to send regularly  News in Plaintext or HTML format to the Subscribers.

Networking :  BN –iCOM maximize the work between registered members. They can publish news , projects or documents. Those informations can also be restricted only for the “Extranet” area.

BN-iCOM is an intelligent software solution that is regularly adapted to the needs of the customers to get more performance.

BN-iCOM is optimized for the customer group of associations and organizations. This will give to the costumer the best presentation he needs  on the Internet.


                           Price and command

BN-iCOM is to pay by license. Monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or Yearly.
The rapidity in the Use of your BN-iCOM will depends on the availability of the TOP-LEVEL-DOMAIN and the work on a possible new website templates.
The following websites use  BN-iCOM with success :



… and more.
To get more informations or command BN-iCOM, please contact us :

Tel: +(49) 151 7023 5651

To make a command of BN-iCOM online, please go here  : Command

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